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Dulux Venetian Silk®

Create a luminous, unique feature in any room with this smooth, sensuous Dulux Effects finish.
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Dulux Venetian Silk is a unique two-step, multi‑toned finish.
Simply roll on a coat of a specially selected base colour.
Apply two thin top coats of Dulux Venetian Silk.


Easily create a distinctive, layered work of art with Dulux Venetian Silk.


40 unique, light-animating colours that can only be Dulux Venetian Silk.


Discover how you can create a Dulux Venetian Silk finish that is uniquely yours!

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Luxuriate in boundless artistic expression with Dulux Venetian Silk.
Our specially selected palette of colours combined with your creative touch makes the effects created with Dulux Venetian Silk virtually limitless. Using different tools and application techniques results in a distinctive, masterful feature for any room.
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